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Shubhpuja is a pioneering venture with introduced vedic puja services on digital platform keeping in view needs of modern times.We introduced online puja services to the world first time.Welcome to Shubhpuja, your gateway to a world of spiritual harmony, ancient wisdom, and holistic well-being.

Welcome to Shubhpuja

Unlock your cosmic potential with our top-rated astrology and puja services! From horoscope readings to personalized rituals, our expert astrologers serve clients in multiple countries, guiding them towards harmony and success.The mega success of our astrology and pujas has been recognized globally and most extensively featured by leading world media: Los Angeles Times, CNBC, New York Magazine, SCMP, Gulfnews, Times of India , Zee News etc.

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Shubhpuja has a dedicated team of spiritual enthusiasts, committed to providing you with a seamless and authentic experience of Hindu religious ceremonies and customs. Our platform brings the age-old traditions of India to your doorstep, bridging the gap between spirituality and modernity.

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Our platform offers a wide array of religious services to cater to your specific needs and preferences. From auspicious occasions like festivals, weddings, and housewarmings to personal spiritual pursuits, we have a comprehensive range of pujas and homams for every occasion. Our expert and knowledgeable purohits (priests) are well-versed in Vedic scriptures and follow authentic practices to ensure the sanctity of each ritual.


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Vedic Science is the original scientific treatise enlightened the world since beginning of civilization. Human race owes gratitude to great Hindu Rishis (Sages)who devoted their life in unfolding secrets of nature for healing and spirituality.Shubhpuja delivers the original Vedic services to its global clients. We’ve recreated our services exactly as they were originally created by our Rishis in ancient India over 10000 years ago. With Puja and Astrology services across 70 countries, Shubhpuja has performed over 50000 rituals of worship and astrology services with over 98% success. Some of the biggest world celebrities are our patrons today.

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